WOW arises as a new way of understanding design and the way of working as part of a design collective. Different voices linked by a logo and a name. Each one of us has a different way of thinking, that is why projects are individually developed, still we take advantage of shared knowledge by working as part of a team sharing each one of our individual concerns.

Each of our designs, or design series, are preceded by an idea. We try to keep this initial idea from the beginning and hold it until we make the final product. We believe that this feature is very important and it makes each object have its own personality as an independent entity. There comes a time when the designer is just a channel that helps the object continue to grow and develop by itself.

WOW is formed by six young architects who have disparate ideas and lives but we share similar interests. We understand our design studio as a music band in which each one of us brings different ideas and concepts.